Frequently Asked Questions

A handful of questions gathered through years of "emails to the race director". Please read all infomation closely before sending your questions. ​​Fair warning- if the answer to your question can be found on one of our pages, you may find yourself with a rather cheeky response. 
  1. Q

    When is the last day I can register?


    Online registration closes Tuesday, April 23th at 11:59pm. This is also the last day to transfer races. You can also register in person, on race day.
  2. Q

    Can I sign up on race day?


    Yes, you can register on race day- cash only. However, we recommend signing up in advance as prices go up closer to the date and we can't guarantee you will get a participants shirt.
  3. Q

    Can I transfer my registration?


    Yes, you can transfer online through Race roster only - the recipient needs to complete a waiver; bandits will be DQ'd.
  4. Q

    Is the course hard?


    The technical difficulty increases with the distance. Generally they are not highly technical even for the 15k.
  5. Q

    Are there Age Group Awards?


    Yes for each race top 3 M/F; the age group prizes and the size of the age groups will be determined closer to the race date when the number of entrants is determined.
  6. Q

    Can I wear headphone during the race?


    At your own peril! Your concentration and ability to hear marshals is compromised with headphones. Part of the beauty of trail racing is enjoying the "music" that nature has to offer.
  7. Q

    Are there aid/water stations?


    There are water stops determined by the road access points (as with all trail races) If you feel you will be needing fluids more regularly like a road race, bring your own and top it up when a station appears.
  8. Q

    When should I get there?


    That depends on how long you need to warm up. Probably 45 to 60 minutes prior to the start. More if you wish to socialize, less if you enjoy skidding in as the race begins.
  9. Q

    How long does it take to get there?


    Depends on where you start and how fast you drive, whether or not you stop to get a coffee, pick up friends, return home to pick up the shoes you forgot, etc. Google maps can probably give you a more accurate answer than we can.
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